Japanese logogram for Italy

Specialized in Japanese and Italian

Translators and interpreters by profession residing in Japan since 1997


We are Taeko Kani and Mario Cerutti, a team of two experienced freelance translators and interpreters specialized in Japanese and Italian. Our trade name is Aliseo Japan™.

Drawing on our diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge to bolster our Japanese-Italian, English-Italian/Japanese translation and Japanese-Italian interpreting services across many fields.

We live in Yugawara, a small town located at the western end of the Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan, at the beginning of the beautiful Izu peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean.



  • Between Italian and Japanese
  • English to Italian
  • English to Japanese
Other translation services:
  • Audio/video transcription and subtitle translation
  • Website translation
  • Editing and proofreading


  • Between Italian and Japanese
  • Between Italian and English


As professional translators and interpreters, we know what is expected from us and we give each and every job the attention it deserves by providing a high added-value service that extends beyond simply meeting deadlines:

  • Multi-specialization: technical, legal, marketing, high fashion, luxury tourism, etc.
  • Linguistic experience resulting in natural, flowing and stylistically smart translations suited to their target audiences.
  • Long CAT tools experience: Déjàvu X, Cafetran, Memsource, SDL Studio.
  • Linguistic synergy: two native speakers working in team.
  • MTPE? Human translation is a way better!

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