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Two professional translators and interpreters residing in Japan since 1997

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Specialized in Japanese and Italian

Translators and interpreters by profession residing in Japan since 1997

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We are a team consisting of two experienced freelance translators and interpreters specialized in Japanese and Italian. Our trade name is Aliseo Japan®.

Drawing on our diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge to bolster our Japanese-Italian, English-Italian/Japanese translation and Japanese-Italian interpreting services across many fields.

We live in Yugawara, a small town located at the western end of the Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan, at the beginning of the beautiful Izu peninsula and overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Our language pairs:


  • Between Italian and Japanese
  • From English to Italian
  • From English to Japanese


  • Between Italian and Japanese
  • Between Italian and English

In addition to general translation and technical/scientific translation into and from Japanese or Italian, we offer proofreading and editing services, subtitle translation and audio/video transcription and website translation.

professional linguists
M. Cerutti and T. Kani

Aliseo Japan® consists of a pair of pair of Japanese and Italian translators and interpreters residing in Japan since 1997. Language skills and experience, expertise in various professional fields (technical, legal, contractual, marketing, etc.), a spirit of collaboration and identification with the needs of the end user are among our main strengths. For more information on our linguistic services please read also our FAQ page.


  • A bi-cultural duo with two different native languages
  • Translating professionally since 1995
  • In Japan since 1997
  • Coming from diverse academic backgrounds
  • Versed in the needs of the international business environment
  • Inclination to work with highly operative small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Advisory spirit


We deliver always on time and are flexible. Our clients entrust us with their projects and we take that responsibility very seriously by engaging with them in a collaborative spirit.

As professional translators and interpreters, we know what is expected from us and we give each and every job the attention it deserves by providing a high added-value service that extends beyond simply meeting deadlines.


  • Multi-specialization: technical, legal, marketing, high fashion, luxury tourism, etc.
  • Linguistic experience resulting in natural, flowing and stylistically smart translations suited to their target audiences
  • Long CAT tools experience: Déjàvu X, SDL Studio, Cafetran
  • Linguistic synergy: two native speakers working in team
  • No MTPE (post-editing)
  • Only human translations

Aliseo Japan®'s Linguistic Services

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Often a distinction is made between editorial and non-editorial translation, with the implication that the former deserves a higher focus on quality.

But work done within the much wider world of commercial and technical translation should also meet sufficient quality standards so that it can be a potent communication means. We specialize in Japanese-Italian translation.

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Subtitle translation
and transcription

Globalization has heightened the need for multimedia translation, not only for content related to public entertainment but also promotional and educational material for companies.

As part of our general translation service We also provide Japanese and Italian audio and video transcription as well as existing subtitle translation for movies, documentaries, debates, teaching and training material and the like.

Stone composition

and editing

Translation is an intense intellectual activity which requires the utmost attention, and even brief lapses in concentration can lead to the introduction of errors.

This is precisely why it is often desirable to have translations checked by another professional linguist by means of an adequate proofreading/editing service. There are some caveats to this, however, because a bad revision quality could introduce new problems rather than fixing them.



Our Japanese interpreting service is the product of abilities we first acquired in international business settings and since 1997 have continued to hone through our work as professional interpreters in Japan.

We are consecutive interpreters, a type of interpretation that requires experience and specific personal and professional skills.

Translation-related Topics

Quality Japanese translation and cuisine

Translation Quality?

Here we have quite the overused expression! But what does translation quality mean, exactly? Is it an absolute concept and therefore universally understood? How should it be evaluated?

In particular, how do we produce high-quality translations in our Italian → Japanese and Japanese → Italian language pairs, the most difficult ones? In these cases, cooperation between two native speakers is paramount.

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Freelance Translators?

The world of translation could not exist without freelance translators, at least from the perspective of a modern, global phenomenon.

We, too, belong to this category of translators. Since the precise meaning of the term can be obscure to those unfamiliar with the industry, we have summarized its main points in the hopes that this indispensable professional role may be better understood and appreciated.

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Translation Companies

Translation companies are some of our best clients. But without freelance translators—particularly those specialized in exotic languages such as Japanese and who don't normally work in-house—they could not survive.

In truth, translation companies and freelance translators are both essential and stand on equal footing as professional entities. This means that they must cooperate harmoniously in order to achieve the all-important goal of satisfying the end user. For this reason, they must first get to know each other well.

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Technical Translation

Technical and specialized translations form a very broad field that encompasses diverse and highly specialized subjects. Tackling these translations requires a deep understanding of (or at least the ability to quickly assimilate) their subject matter in addition to a working knowledge of related terminology and writing conventions.

It is therefore puzzling that they are quite often considered to be the least valuable type of translation, leading to them being neglected in terms of substance or form.

What our clients say about our translation and interpreting services

A. S., Project manager

We have tried various Japanese translators, but they demonstrated serious gaps in their comprehension of the Italian language or were otherwise unprepared for the job. With you, we know we are in good hands.

T. T., Direct Client


M. H., Direct Client

Non è facile trovare una interprete italiano-giapponese che abbia dimestichezza con svariate tematiche così da poter discutere di questioni tecniche, commerciali e legali insieme! A presto.

S. d. L., Project manager

Unfortunately, you are not always available and therefore we have to make other arrangements. But it's important to us that you remain our go-to reference for Italian-Japanese and English-Italian language projects.