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How the provision of our translation and interpreting services is regulated

Terms and Conditions

The prerequisites for a professional relationship based on transparency and mutual respect.

1. General clause

After receiving a quote for a translation or interpreting service—and after accepting the terms and conditions stated on this page—the Client can order that service by sending us an email or fax containing all information necessary to identify the order, such as the Client's name and address, purchase order number, date, agreed-upon price, and payment terms

Issuance of such an order by email or fax implies that the Client has accepted all of the service terms and conditions stated below. However, each order is subject to our final approval based on current availability.

Any items that are not expressly defined in the following terms and conditions shall be dealt with in accordance with Japanese law.

2. Acceptance of service terms and conditions

We assume that the Client has accepted our general terms and conditions as provided on this page, in addition to any specific conditions stated elsewhere on this website. Providing a service does not entail our acceptance of the Client's terms and conditions unless otherwise stated in writing.

3. Specific instructions

The Client shall provide us with clear and unambiguous job specifications or instructions, including things such as the delivery terms and any requirements for the use of specialized vocabulary. Although we are fully responsible for correctly comprehending the source text, the client shares responsibility for its overall quality by ensuring that it is free from inaccuracies, ambiguities, and substantial errors and that it is perfectly readable and comprehensible, particularly in cases where it has been produced by a non-native speaker of the source language. The client is also responsible for any results or activities undertaken through the use of our linguistic services.

4. Confidentiality and nondisclosure

We are aware that during the course of translation or interpretation assignments we may have access to confidential information regarding the Client or the Client's business, and that such information must be kept confidential and used only for the purpose of the work assigned to us. Therefore, we will strictly maintain the confidentiality of any information concerning proprietary knowledge or other secret matters, and will not use or disclose that information to anyone without the Client's prior written authorization, except in cases where such use or disclosure may be required in order to provide the linguistic service. Unless separate arrangements are otherwise agreed to, we will retain all text and information provided to us by the Client (even after completing an assignment) without utilizing any particular retention procedure.

5. Copyright and intellectual property

The products of translation services rendered by us are considered our intellectual property. Until full payment has been made for an order, we shall maintain the right of use for that property. Only after payment has been made in full will the copyright be transferred to the Client, granting use of the property.

6. Quotations

Our quotations are binding only when established in specific agreements or documents. All translation rates and interpretation rates displayed on our website must be agreed to on a case-by-case basis.

7. Delivery terms

It goes without saying that we fully understand the importance of the Client receiving ordered translations no later than the agreed-upon date, and we therefore commit to strictly respect all deadlines. If we fail to meet this requirement for reasons that are not beyond our control, and if the Client cannot be reasonably expected to accept any further delays, the Client may cancel the assignment unilaterally. In such cases, however, we are not required to pay any compensation and such cancellation shall not affect the Client's obligation to pay for the work already performed.

8. Force majeure

Should we prove unable to meet our obligations due to unpredictable circumstances beyond our control, we are not required to pay any compensation for undelivered assignments. Such circumstances include fires, accidents, illnesses, strikes, riots, wars, terrorist attacks, transport restrictions or delays, government measures, disruption of Internet services, or any other force majeure.

9. Complaints

The Client shall notify us of any complaints regarding translations supplied or interpreting services rendered as soon as possible and in writing (email, fax, or letter); however, this notification must be received no later than 15 days after delivery. The Client is responsible for confirming that such complaints are actually received by us. Lodging a complaint does not free the Client from any payment obligations. The translation or interpreting service will be deemed satisfactory if no complaints are received within 15 days of its delivery, unless other arrangements are agreed to. The Client shall also submit any claims regarding one of our invoices within 15 days of its receipt. Our standard form of delivery for invoices is email. In the event of any claim in respect of quality of any translation the Client shall list and substantiate in detail all alleged defect of the translation, and NOT ONLY SOME OF THE SAME AS SAMPLES OR EXAMPLES, within the period of five (5) business days immediately following the date of assumed/implied acceptance of the translation or, where applicable, the date of signature of the relevant delivery and acceptance statement.

10. Warranty and liabilities

We are only liable for losses or damages that the Client incurs as a direct result of our actions. We are under no circumstances liable for any other losses or damages, such as indirect loss, consequential loss, trading loss, loss caused by delay in performance, or loss of profit. In any case, our liability shall never exceed the invoice value for the part of the service invoiced or supplied. In the case of a valid complaint received within 15 days of the date of delivery or service performance, we are allowed a reasonable period of time to correct the translation that was delivered. We shall not reimburse the Client for any costs that he or she incurs as a result of independently revising or retranslating the delivered product, unless specifically agreed to in advance. Corrections (modifications) made to our writing style and to the particular terminology we used shall not be considered translation errors, unless the Client provides evidence that the use of that terminology reflects our failure to use the specific glossary supplied by the Client.

11. Nonpayment or late payment

Payment for any linguistic services rendered under contract is due within the payment period following the invoice date, as agreed to by the Client. Payment shall be made in full in the currency noted on the invoice, without any discounts, setoffs, or deferrals. If payment is not received by the due date, the Client will be in default and we may void the agreed-upon terms and conditions and cancel any other remaining contracts.

12 - Suspension

Order cancellations or suspensions initiated by the Client are valid only if confirmed in writing by us.

13 - Disputes

Any disputes which cannot be resolved amicably through negotiation will be settled in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Privacy Policy

General Commitment

We guarantee the right to privacy of our Clients and Visitors; personal data is collected only during email correspondence and through our contact forms. We are not responsible for the content pr privacy policies of any external websites that our website links to. We shall not transfer or sell the personal data of our Clients or Visitors to any third party.

Privacy Policy Manager

Aliseo Japan's manager for the handling of personal data is the principal, who can be contacted at .

IP addresses and registration of contact data

Client IP addresses collected through our contact form are only used for administrative procedures and network troubleshooting.


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